June 14, 2012 / 8:19PM


I was walking with a friend to the train station. As we spoke and walked, our conversation pivoted to a conversation about God. He expressed so much unbelief saying how God don’t existed and how if He did exist, He is the biggest jerk in the world. He told me how he used to seek Him and how he didn’t feel His presence. He prayed but he didn’t find any answers.

That got me thinking… How did his belief fall so far down? What happened to make him stumble that much?…

He called me an idiot for believing… While I waited for my train I herd a group of guys laughing at a person who quotes Bible verses as if it was the most amusing thing they’ve herd… To me this is mindboggling. . Feeling God’s grace and love is the most amazing thing that ever happened to me. The way he comforts me when I’m down is indescribable and I’m just confused on how other people don’t feel that…

Then I remember a preaching I herd a couple of months back… People don’t believe because they don’t see the good things in this world. All they see is the ignorance of people and the suffering… They don’t see compassion and the unity and the joy.

We are always taught how we are God’s people and as God’s people we should do everything we can to make it easier for others to see God. We are always taught how first impression don’t matter.

However, sometimes that’s the only thing that the world sees. Not everyone gets to know us from the inside out so we must show them happiness as much as we can so that they might see God. We should be that contagious smile when people walk down the street.I believe a simple smile can change someone’s perspective of a day. One smile can make someone believe that there is something that counters all the suffering and ignorance.It Gives people hope. Having hope is having the ability to see past dark clouds and God is beneath those dark clouds.

I guess all I’m saying is keep smiling :) and you have no idea how that one smile can lead to someone seeing a better perspective and might also lead them to believe in our God

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